The Capitol Police Division strives to be a proactive agency providing a visible deterrent to criminal activity, responding to emergencies, and supplementing local police services. All DPS Officers assigned to the Division are duly sworn peace officers with authority to investigate crimes and make arrests statewide.

The Division has jurisdiction on all properties under the control or supervision of the Nevada Department of Administration, which includes over 300 buildings, structures, and parcels with nearly 20,000 state employees across Nevada. The Division accomplishes its mission through proactive criminal investigations, gathering and sharing intelligence, community problem solving techniques, providing education to state employees, safety and security consultations to state agencies, and management of physical security programs.

Officers provide patrol services by vehicle, bicycle, and foot at various state lands and facilities. Officers are also assigned to certain designated fixed posts to enhance safety services. Traditional law enforcement services are complimented by the use of electronic surveillance equipment, security systems, and hazard mitigation techniques.